Common Heartburn Symptoms And How We Can Help
By Advanced Digestive Care
January 19, 2017
Category: Gastroenterologist
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Heartburn is an uncomfortable digestive problem that affects over 40 percent of Americans each month. It's related to a number of factorsheartburn including diet, eating habits and even the way that you sleep at night. In most cases, it's related to a particular food that upsets the digestive system. Thankfully, the doctors at Advanced Digestive Care in Clearwater, FL, have solutions for your chronic heartburn. Here are a few common symptoms of heartburn to look out for.

Throat Problems
One of the first signs of a problem with heartburn is a burning or thick feeling in the throat, which is caused by the regurgitation of stomach acid and food particles (acid reflux). The fluids in your stomach come up into your throat and sometimes in your mouth. This creates a sour taste in the throat and makes it harder to swallow. There may also be a sensation that there is food constantly stuck in the back of the throat. Over time, the acid can irritate the inner lining of the esophagus. 

Burning Sensation in Chest
When there's heartburn, you may feel a burning sensation in the chest area near the heart, which is why it is called "heartburn." At times that burning sensation or pain can extend down to the upper abdomen. The burning feeling most commonly happens shortly after eating a food or drinking a beverage that doesn't agree with your digestive system.

General Chest Pain
Another symptom of heartburn is pain in the chest. This pain can start when you lay down after eating or bend over to pick something up. It's important to see your Clearwater doctor for an examination in the case of chest pain to ensure that it isn't being confused with a heart issue.

Gas (Burping), Hoarse Voice and Bad Breath
When a patient has heartburn. they may have the constant urge to belch. Also, a hoarseness may develop in the patient's voice over time due to the acid flowing up to the throat. Another possible symptom of heartburn is bad breath, which is caused by the regurgitation of sour-smelling acid from the stomach.

Heartburn No More
You no longer have to live with the uncomfortable symptoms of heartburn. Call Advanced Digestive Care in Clearwater, FL, at (727) 462-0444 today for a remedy.