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By Advanced Digestive Care
March 21, 2017
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Find out if your GI symptoms are trying to tell you that it’s time to visit us.check up

When should you visit one of our Clearwater, FL, gastroenterologists, Dr. Umesh Choudhry or Dr. Gourisankar Degala, and how often? Most people don’t realize when certain symptoms or issues warrant a trip to our office. It can be challenging sometimes to know when to just let problems go away on their own or when professional medical care is necessary, so we are here to give you a little insight into when you should come in for treatment.

If you are experiencing new symptoms

While people may feel like the best approach is to turn to their primary care doctor when they start noticing new or disconcerting digestive problems, it might actually be more convenient to take out the middle man and just contact our Clearwater GI doctor when you start to notice issues.

When you give us a call, we will ask you about the symptoms you are experiencing to determine how quickly we need to get you in for a diagnosis. We can also work with your primary doctor to come up with a treatment plan that will work best for you.

If you already have an intestinal condition

If you’ve been diagnosed with a long-term digestive problem such as Crohn’s disease or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), it’s always a good idea to visit us if symptoms are starting to flare up or if symptoms are changing or getting worse even with treatment. By keeping us in the know, we can change and improve your treatment plan so that you are always get the ideal care.

To keep up with your routine screenings

Even healthy individuals who aren’t experiencing any digestive problems will still need to visit us at some point for routine screenings. Even if you don’t have a history of digestive problems, polyps or colorectal cancer, you still need to come in for a colonoscopy once you reach 50 years old. This rule applies to both men and women. If you or someone in your family is at risk for developing colorectal cancer then you may need to come in more regularly or earlier than 50 to get these routine screenings.

If you are dealing with any of the problems above it’s important that you seek treatment as soon as possible. Turn to Advanced Digestive Care in Clearwater, FL, for the care you need to get your intestinal system back on track.